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Starvation diets do not work and will only make you miserable, leaving you feeling weak and lethargic all day.
This is where the FatLoss4Idiots program comes in. It focuses on giving dieters a NON starvation type of weight loss program, a diet which is NOT focused on starving the body of calories or carbs.

FatLoss4Idiots stresses that starvation is not the key to weight loss. It points out that other diet plans have let the dieter down with programs that set you up to fail. With the FatLoss4Idiot’s diet you eat the right foods at the right intervals through a program called “Calorie Shifting” to get maximum results in just eleven days.
In fact, the site claims that if you follow their plan, you can lose up to nine pounds every eleven days, and most of the customers we've talked to have achieved this goal.

The "Beyond Calories" ebook covers the system in depth. The book’s program is a unique, exclusive, and one-of-a-kind way to lose weight because it debunks myths and replaces the myths with weight loss fact. Here are some of the things you will find in the ebook:

-The Truth About Low Carb Diets
-The Truth about Low Fat and Low Calorie Diets
-The Truth about Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig Dieting and Other Diet Plans

Here are some user comments about the FatLoss4Idiots program :


Thanks for this review on fat loss for idiots. I've been a member for just over a month now and I've lost over 20lbs! It's an incredible diet plan. Thanks again, Liz


I'm on day 7 of the diet and have already lost 5lbs. I slipped up on day 4 and had a (very small) piece of cake - I'm just happy to hear that my little indiscretion won't hinder the results! This diet is the best I have tried and I've got 7lbs left to go before unleashing my bikini body in 4 weeks time. Wish me luck!



I'm already seeing results after four days on the program. I have extra energy and I've lost seven pounds. I can't wait to get rid of more pounds and finally reach my target weight.



I found this product by accident online after looking for a calorie counter. Since it sounded interesting I decided to give it a try. So far it has been the best money I ever spent. You will need a lot of motivation and will power like with most diets. But this is an easy diet to follow and you will like the food without feeling like your starving yourself. I'm used to drinking the water it requires and I'm not really exercising like I should, just a little walking and pilates. I'm not losing nine pounds every eleven days like it claims, but that is a little drastic for me. Every eleven days I've been losing about four to five pounds which is pretty good. The diet has a nice three day cheat period where anything you want can be eaten in moderation which helps me to stick with the diet the full eleven days. So that in itself is worth it. There is no other diet that lets you do this. Everyone I know who has tried this diet like it.


The company behind FatLoss4Idiots are Internet Made Simple. Located at 23785 El Toro Rd. #601 , Lake Forest, CA 92630.

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