Ejaculation Trainer - Review, Comments, Testimonial

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This is the review for Matt Gorden Ejaculation Trainer Guru e-book.

Premature ejaculation is very common but can leave both parties frustrated. It's also leave the male feeling down and the women unsatisfied. Some books present a cure that would take weeks or months to work but Matt Gorden PROMISES it can be done in a day.

Detailed in this book are:
-Premature Ejaculation
This chapter will lay the foundation for the rest of the book, and will give you a better understanding of PE and how the ejaculation process works. Knowing the ‘how’ and ‘why’ is critical knowledge that will put in a better position to overcome PE

Arousal control is the key to controlling ejaculation. Learning to control arousal should be your main objective and is where you should begin.

-Mental Control
Controlling arousal is mostly a mental thing, so this chapter will build on what you’ve already learned. It will go into more depth of the mental triggers that cause arousal to climb and eventually lead to ejaculation.

If controlling arousal is the key to controlling ejaculation, breathing is the key to controlling arousal or at least one of them.

-The Perineal Muscles
The perineal muscles play a vital role in both delaying and controlling ejaculation.

-and many more.

Pros and cons


* Clear and detailed explaination
* Many exercises and mental preparation system.
* Great support - you can email Matt with any question you ask and he will respond to it fairly quickly.


* Somewhat lewd writing style.

Some of Ejaculation Trainer e-book user comments :


I am not going to go in to too many private details as to what I did but the first night of trying his methods I lasted 3 minutes longer! That was a bit of a shock for me after averaging just over a minute to triple that on the first night of trying his methods. My partner didn’t even notice that I was doing anything different but she definitely noticed the longer/better sex!


"My performance and endurance increased exponentially"

"Hello, after a couple of intimate encounters with my wife my performance and endurance increased exponentially in a positive direction. My wife has been satisfied the last three times more than I even hoped for with a few of your helpful hints...

...If we continue on the current path of improvement our relationship is going to soar. Thank you so much for your tips."





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