SimplePHP - Facts, Company Profile and User Feedback

Trying to learn a new thing is hard. This is true for most things, such as learn to code PHP. To learn the language is hard,imagine forking out the cash to learn it! But, there is an easy and cheaper way to learn PHP easily and effectively.And that's where Simple PHP comes in.

Simple PHP is a training e-book written by Robert Plank the founder of Jumpx which is based out of Turlock, California. This is a training system that will teach you how to use interactive PHP and by being able to follow some simple instructions and copy and paste some HTML you will be able to make your website really stand out. And, you will never have to pay a coder to spice up your website again.

This incredible book by Robert Plank takes you step by step, teaching you how to accomplish:

* Mix JavaScript with PHP for a powerful combination.
* Easily personalize your pages.
* Make easy .htaccess code for yourself.
* Code games, quizzes & other lead-building tools.
* Create an autoresponder.

A few SimplePHP user comments :

Great thing when I started making websites

Simple PHP is a great thing according to me. I am astonished that this thing is added this late to IM Report Card. I came to know about this from one of my friends, it priced me 39.95USD to use Simple PHP volume I and PHP learning from this was easy and contents were made user friendly to explore and learn from. After full knowledge of volume I I had knowledge to:-

Edit and personalize my website page.

I made simple games and now with passage of time I am putting more detailing in games.

I made auto responder.

And huge knowledge of JavaScript.

After completing full package I made a lot of money by opting freelancer job related to web development and trust me it is very easy to get hired for web development and source code jobs compared to article writing jobs.

My experience with Simple PHP was very pleasant, but I think they must reduce the price as new web developers usually don't have any money.

by madan420

The tutorials are great. I used to keep up with web design and have gotten far behind on it since my kids were born, so I am lagging by two years. All the good stuff passed me by and your writings are tremendous. Please keep it up!

Angela Rock
Webmaster, "")