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Finding your favorite fragrance or perfume online can be quite a hard task. Since many site give out offers that they either cannot fulfill it or just a scam. I've reviewed the site and here is what i came out with.

First of all, you can find almost every single perfume that is created by top brand names in perfume making such as Dior, Polo, Dolce and Gabbana, Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Diesel, and also Davidoff. That is just to name a few. They also have rare and some limited edition or limited release perfumes.

If you're a seller and want to find dropship fragrances , they are the company you want to contact.

Some of the line of perfume that they have :

- diesel only the brave cologne

- stila perfume creme bouquet

- tocca perfume stella

- diesel fuel for life unlimited for women

- dolce and gabbana perfume one

- britney spear fantasy perfume

- cool water david off

Some of the user comments on their service :


Fragrancenet has one of the best prices on Creed if you use their always valid 15% off coupons! I, however, had to return a bottle of Acier Aluminum I bought a while back because it smelled just a tad bit stale and it was from a 5 years old stock (I am anal about my Acier Aluminum). Regardless, their customer service is top notch.