Garmin nuvi 260W Portable GPS Navigator

Garmin nuvi 260W Portable GPS Navigator

**This is a Garmin Nuvi 260W review**

Garmin nuvi 260W is the latest portable GPS navigator released by Garmin Ltd.

Some of the feature that is incorporated in the Garmin Nuvi 260W are ;

  • Comes Preloaded with City Navigator North America NT
  • 2D/3D mapping perspective with 4.3 inch touch screen display
  • Directions with voice and text to speech
  • Powered by rechargable lithium-ion battery.
  • Includes world travel clock with time zones, JPEG picture viewer , currency converter,world travel clock with time zones, measurement converter, calculator and more

What Garmin Nuvi 260W users have to say;

I bought the GARMIN nĂ¼vi 260W to help with work and family travels.
I am in the architectural business.After extensive research with Magellan, Mio and Tom-Tom, I bought the Garmin for three reasons. 1) Ease of use. 2) Screen clarity. 3) Amazing accuracy. And no, despite where I live, I have no affiliation with Garmin. I don't even know anyone that works for them.
Overall, the unit is amazing and the larger screen size of 4.3 inches really helps those with fat fingers and those that don't want to squint to read a map. I am just sorry I had to wait this long to own one. It is a must have for those that travel to unfamiliar areas.
-Auto Buff Guy 2008 (Overland Park, Kansas)



I've used this product for several trips and I've never used another GPS. I love the text-to-speech feature, which is very natural; the instructions are usually very clear, but it is worth glancing at the green bar at the top of the screen to see the full instruction. The map with the graphics can often clear up confusion. The other great thing about the map is it labels upcoming streets so you are not peering at street signs.

This is the only GPS I've ever owned, so my next comment is probably applicable to GPS systems everywhere, but I've found that the Nuvi is quietly changing my life by making me bolder about going to new places, particularly if it involves night driving. Trying to drive to a new place by yourself juggling your complicated handwritten instructions or your printout from Mapquest was always a challenge; doing it at night was downright stressful. You still need your directions just in case, but with the Nuvi I haven't had to look at them yet. I didn't realize how narrowed my world had become because I hesitated to drive to some place I had never been.